Mission, Vision, Values and Axes

Strategic positioning

The Network of Parks aspires to consolidate itself as one of the essential agents in the generation of projects for the future and for the country, with green and smart infrastructures that contribute to improve the present and participate in the creation of the future of the society.


“We build technological and business ecosystems taking in and accompanying companies and talent that solve humanity’s challenges”


“To be essential for future projects and a country with benchmark, green and intelligent infrastructures.
To be the place where the present is improved and the future of society is created”.


  • Excellency
  • Client: Our DNA
  • Social Commitment
  • Passion for challenges
  • Sustainability
  • We are a NETWORK


GROWING in an orderly manner through the strengthening of more sustainable and more efficient ecosystems

CONTRIBUTING actively to the technological, business and social growth of the Basque Country and the companies and people settled in the campuses

IMPACTING on the scientific and technological ecosystems through differential services and the Parke trademark