Strategic objectives

2017-2020 Strategic Plan






Reinforced management model

A greater proximity to institutions.


Attraction of companies and promotion of customer loyalty

Active promotion of the attraction of new companies, especially in strategic sectors which are in keeping with the strategy of the institutions and RIS3. Strengthening of the incubation and growth of new companies and focus on generating a greater proximity between the companies and organisations based in the Parks, with the aim of identifying and providing a response to their needs and opportunities.


Organised geographical expansion

Development of an expansion strategy which is economically sustainable in the long term.


An optimum environment for business development and innovation

Identification of value-added actions and services which promote relationships and cooperation between companies in the Network, strengthening of international agreements to seek out best practices and initiatives of interest and definition of a plan to maintain the cutting-edge infrastructure and connections of the Parks, with the continuous aim of maintaining excellent quality standards.


Visibility of the parks on a local, national and international level

Development of actions to strengthen the business reality and to share science and technology with wider society, supporting and promoting the role of women in these industries and encouraging an interest in science and technology among young people.


Teamwork and efficient and responsible organisation

Implementation of a new organisational model which emphasises the importance of coordination and of making the most of synergies between parks; fostering of a culture of innovation for the development of actions and initiatives based on a creative approach. Consolidation of a socially-responsible organisational system and an improvement of the internal systems to bring these closer to advanced management.


A team of enthusiastic, involved people

Strengthening of a living community of inspired people who are experienced and highly involved in the projects of the future.


Economic and financial sustainability

Support for a healthy economic and financial outlook and the exploration and implementation of new funding models which are based on prudence and long-term sustainability.