Aernnova wing supplier for the Supersonic Overture Aircraft

Álava, News

Aernnova, one of the world’s leading suppliers of world-class aerostructures, will collaborate in the development of Boom Supersonic’s new generation supersonic aircraft called Overture.

Aernnova will participate in the design and development of the wing of the supersonic aircraft, which is one of the most specialised components and requires high-level technical capabilities. The wings of the Overture are designed to improve supersonic performance as well as subsonic and transonic handling. The wings are structurally thinner than typical subsonic wings to reduce drag, allowing the aircraft to travel efficiently at higher speeds. Aernnova is joining the project because of its technical engineering capabilities and experience, as well as its in-depth knowledge of the most advanced composite materials.

Aernnova will provide product engineering and manufacturing services for the preliminary design of this disruptive model to enable its subsequent progression to the certification and production phases.

“Overture, the first supersonic sustainable aircraft, will be an extraordinary opportunity to bring our expertise in the design and development of Aerostructures,” said Ricardo Chocarro, CEO of Aernnova. “We are very pleased to partner with Boom as their wing supplier along with the worldwide network of suppliers supporting the production of Overture.


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