Alliance against cyber-attacks

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The consultancy firm Bullhost reaches an agreement with the Alava-based business group SPC to acquire its part of the cloud business in the Alava Technology Park

The Biscayan BULLHOST has closed an agreement with the business group SPC net for the acquisition of its part of cloud business, its own data center located in its facilities in the Technology Park of Alava.

Thus, BULLHOST and SPC net begin a joint journey that consolidates their commitment to managed services in their own cloud, with active data centres in Leioa and Vitoria.

In addition to advanced solutions in the area of systems/networking and cybersecurity, this reinforcement at the infrastructure level with 2 local data centres and alliances with external DPCs, gives visibility to business continuity services.

In the current growing panorama of cyber-attacks, it is the responsibility of clients and consultancy firms to design disaster recovery plans that guarantee business continuity and the availability of information in an agile and secure way through robust solutions that allow, first to avoid the contingency, and if it happens, that it is cyber-resilient, being able to recover its activity in the shortest possible time.

Business continuity guidelines to prevent cyber-attacks

Elements such as backups and disaster recovery must follow good guidelines to ensure that they fulfil their function in the event of an outage.

A good way to make backups is periodically and whenever possible in an automated way, which does not depend on people, for which it is important to follow the following recommendations:

– The 3-2-1 rule (in more than one repository, in more than one medium, and one copy outside the company).
– Always keep a copy outside the production environment, it helps us to recover it if a disaster occurs at the main site.
– Protect backups by encrypting copies or making them immutable.
– Perform periodic testing.
– Establish a relationship between the backup policy and the company’s assets through a risk analysis.
– Generate a documented Backup Policy


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