AR Racking equips the warehouse of the food logistics operator Choví Logistics

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AR Racking has installed a combination of two storage systems for Choví Logistics, the logistics operator of the sauce manufacturer Choví.

The warehouse, located in Massalaves, has more than 8,000 m2, of which the positive cold storage area is around 2,000 m2.

AR Racking’s industrial racks are resistant to the most adverse conditions.


Choví, the sauce manufacturer, has entered the logistics sector with the creation of Choví Logistics, for which AR Racking has installed a combination of dry and cold storage systems in its new logistics platform in Massalavés (Valencia).

Choví’s new business unit, dedicated to logistics activities and which operates as a supplier for other companies in the food sector, has entrusted AR Racking to get the most out of its new 8,000 m2 warehouse. The AR Racking team has manufactured and designed an integral storage solution, combining a selective storage system such as pallet racking and a compact system such as live pallet racking.

Conventional racks, highly versatile, resistant to all types of loads and allowing direct access, store 5,400 pallets. On the other hand, the live pallet racks, with high storage density and with an inclination and rollers to facilitate the movement of the load, have a capacity for 1,200 positions. The height of the racks is 11,000 mm, with the last level at 10,500 mm. “Our service has an integral perspective, it goes beyond the manufacture and installation of the racks. Together with the client, we believed that the combination of a selective system and a compact system was going to respond more efficiently to the stock rotation of different products”, says Javier Miquel, Sales Representative of AR Racking.

In addition, some 2,000 m2 of the total surface area of the warehouse is intended for storage in cold storage between 3 and 5ºC. In any case, AR Racking’s galvanised racks guarantee the optimum storage of foodstuffs thanks to their resistance to extreme temperatures.

According to David Moyá, Managing Director of Choví Logistics, “we now have a warehouse that matches our experience in the food sector that can meet the logistics needs of our customers”. The Valencian company has been making an effort for several years to reach new markets and diversify its offer.


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