The Mobility and Logistics Cluster of the Basque Country represents the sector at the International Logistics Exhibition

Álava, News

It formed part of the Euskadi stand at the Fair, representing the logistics business sector of the Basque Country.

They took part in a meeting in which, together with the Basque Government, they highlighted the natural role of logistics and the capabilities of the sector in the Basque Country, as a guest Autonomous Community.

The Mobility and Logistics Cluster of the Basque Country was very active at the International Logistics Fair held in Barcelona. Thus, the Cluster was part of the institutional stand of the Basque Country, which was attended by the Basque Government, as a guest Autonomous Community and from where its key position as a strategic logistics hub of the European Atlantic Axis and the capabilities of the sectorial industry of the territory were shown. A delegation of representatives of the Cluster, headed by the president, Eduardo Lasa, accompanied the authorities at the opening of the event.

In addition, the Cluster took part in two sessions of the congress programme of the event. Under the title “Euskadi, Social, Environmental and Economic Sustainability for the Logistics of the Future”, an international logistics forum where the Basque Government presented its plans for the future to promote sustainable logistics and announced the steps it is taking to train new talent in the professions linked to logistics as well as the vision of the future of logistics and its link with the evolution of job profiles and skills in the sector.

On the other hand, Fernando Zubillaga, manager of the Cluster, moderated a round table promoted by Ametic, the association representing the digital industry in Spain. In this case, the session focused on smart mobility and the role of the data industry in it. With this in mind, the participants discussed the opportunities that digitalisation represents in terms of the growing automation of the sector and also the needs that its use implies.

Participation in SIL was rounded off with various meetings with sectoral agents and a presentation at the stand of the capabilities of the 111 members of the Cluster, whose turnover represents 14.7% of the Basque Country’s GDP.


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