AVS participates in NASA’s M2020 mission to Mars

Álava, News

The company, based in the Alava Technology Park, is participating in the design and construction of an exploration vehicle that will land on Mars on 18 February

The company AVS has participated in the creation, testing and design of the vehicle that will detach from the Atlas V-541 rocket to land on Mars on 18 February.

AVS’s participation is part of NASA’s M2020 mission, it also has contracts with the European Space Agency and India, in which it has designed, built and tested two of the seven parts of the “Rober” space exploration vehicle. AVS has incorporated sensors for measuring wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity and solar radiation, among others. On the other hand, they have also been in charge of the calibration for the analysis of rocks by means of a remote camera system.

The work carried out by the Basque company is of vital importance for the success of the mission launched by NASA, as the vehicle will be subjected to extreme temperatures, among other factors, and any failure would cause the mission to fail, hence the importance of the work carried out, which, however, is backed by more than 15 years of work, and which has positioned it as a world reference for the main space agencies.


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