Ayesa increases investment in innovation to 23 million euros in 2023

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The firm, which has reached a record figure, plans to maintain the level of investment in the coming years.

It implements the internal programme ‘Accelerator Projects’, with which it seeks to solve critical problems of its customers through the use of disruptive technologies.

Cybersecurity, Hyper-automation, Digital Twin, Generative Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing are the technologies that are the focus of today’s strategic innovation technologies.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, is driving its innovation strategy. The company closed 2023 with an investment of 23 million euros in its innovative activity and its forecast is to maintain an investment level of between 3% and 4% of annual turnover.

Following the company integration process carried out in the last two years, Ayesa has set up a team specialised in R&D&I with exclusive dedication, made up of more than 40 researchers, however, it has a total of 540 professionals involved in innovative activity.

“In Research and Development (R&D) we always talk about excellence, but volume is also important, both in terms of investment and human capital. Today, with doubled capacities, our main objective is to align 100% of our growth strategy with our innovation potential”, highlights Juan de Dios Hermosín, CTO of Ayesa.

During 2023, the company has implemented internally the programme called ‘Accelerator Projects’, with which it seeks to respond in the short term to very specific customer needs, but which require an extra effort in the integration of latest-generation technologies.

On the other hand, Ayesa is also confident that this new company size, with more than 12,500 professionals and a turnover of more than €700m, will make it easier to attract new European funding for its medium and long-term research projects, taking advantage of its experience with European, national and regional funding bodies and making the most of its ecosystem of innovative companies.

It currently has more than 25 active projects, almost half of which are supported by the EU. These include Islander, a leading project in Europe whose main objective is to advance the decarbonisation of islands through smart energy management and Digichecks, a project in which Ayesa, together with leading construction companies, will work on the development of a new digital framework for managing construction permits and compliance checks. It will be based on BIM, GIS, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Digital Twin technologies.

Ayesa combines technologies that it has defined as strategic: Cybersecurity, hyper-automation, Digital Twin, Generative Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, with the functional knowledge of physical assets and critical infrastructures, provided by the engineering areas, with that of operations in key sectors, such as Public Administration, Utilities or the Financial Sector. This combination of technological capabilities and functional knowledge gives Ayesa a differential character in the market.


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