Sarenet’s Security Operation Center (SOC) arouses great interest among its customers for its ability to detect potential cyber-attacks

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This is a further step in its cybersecurity strategy that cuts across its connectivity, voice and hosting services and complies with different standards such as the National Security Scheme and ISO 27001

A highly qualified team, certified by leading manufacturers in the sector, permanently monitors and watches over the different customer assets and infrastructures

Sarenet (, the voice and data operator and hosting services for businesses, considers cybersecurity a priority requirement in the solutions it offers its customers to protect their data and users. The unstoppable increase in cyber-attacks together with the growing need for connectivity and digitisation of the business world, require the adoption of all the necessary resources by organisations to defend themselves adequately.

To meet these needs, the company offers Sarenet-SOC (Security Operation Center), a service that has been very well received due to its technical resources and specialised staff, which deals with the monitoring and surveillance of its IT infrastructures and its different cybersecurity assets and elements. It is offered as a transversal service for all the operator’s solutions.

It is a comprehensive managed security solution, with a very close and customised service, which acts as preventive, evolutionary and reactive support to ensure the proper functioning of networks, equipment and data and, ultimately, of the business.

Permanent monitoring by experts to resolve incidents

The service provides 24×7 uninterrupted monitoring and surveillance, centralising in real time all security events from different sources, receiving alarms or detecting unusual patterns of behaviour that alert of any anomaly or danger. All of this allows companies to protect themselves from cyber-attacks without the need for a team of highly specialised people dedicated day and night to surveillance work.

In the event of any unusual behaviour or suspicion of attack detected by the monitoring team, the SOC experts assess the risks and act with rapid response times to tackle any threat that jeopardises the proper functioning of the business.

To solve the security problem and get the business back to normal as soon as possible, the SOC proceeds with two levels of reactive support, depending on the requirements of each company: informing the customer and offering an advisory service to respond to the incident or attack with different strategies for containment, eradication or repair and data recovery.

There is also the possibility, if the client has previously agreed with Sarenet, of acting directly on the company’s security devices and carrying out the appropriate operations to mitigate the attack.

Sarenet’s SOC is made up of highly qualified personnel and certified by leading manufacturers in the solutions used to provide the service. In addition, they comply with the cybersecurity and information security standards of the National Security Scheme (ENS) and the ISO 27001 standard.

Complete and permanent information

The customer can conveniently and transparently monitor the activity of the SOC, either through the customer window with information related to detected anomalies, analysed events and assessment of possible risks or threats, or by consulting an executive report summarising the activity of the SOC. This report shows the status of the monitored assets, with special emphasis on the events highlighted, the impact they have had, the measures taken to neutralise them and, if any, the consequences generated on the company’s assets.

To achieve the best cyber defence, the company relies on leading manufacturers in the sector, both in network segmentation and access control, the application of AI in network flow control and advanced workplace protection solutions.


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