AZTI-Tecnalia and KFUPM collaborate to guarantee sustainability of fishing in the Arabian Gulf


  • One of the main goals of the collaboration project between King Fahd University for Petroleum & Minerals and AZTI-Tecnalia Technological Research Centre is to evaluate the current state of fish species and their habitats.
  • The information collected will provide the scientific and technical basis to establish a strategic fishing management framework.

AZTI-Tecnalia, a Technological Research Centre specialised in marine and food research, collaborates with King Fahd University for Petroleum & Minerals, in a study that will provide the scientific and technical basis to manage fishing sustainably in the Arabian Gulf waters. The agreement highlights the importance of collaboration between KFUPM and AZTI-Tecnalia, which will leverage knowledge for the management of marine resources in the Gulf of Arabia.

The studies envisaged will shed light on the current situation of fishing in the Arabian Gulf, as well as on species dynamics and stock assessment. Researchers of both institutions will analyse the suitability of the different fish habitats, including coral reefs, marine phanerogam meadows, mangroves and rocky seabeds. This habitat study will focus on spawning and breeding areas and will provide in-depth information about ecological and fishing productivity in the Gulf.

The study will include environmental impact assessment of the different fishing methods used by local fisheries. Particularly, the impact of trawling activities on seabed habitats, and the effects of different fishing gears on non-target species, will be taken into account.

Results of the project will help to improve fishing efficiency and cut production costs, establishing sustainable fishing practices, reducing environmental impacts, and preserving natural resources and marine biodiversity.

AZTI-Tecnalia will contribute providing more than 30 years of experience in fisheries management advice, innovation and technological development, in order to achieve a comprehensive management of marine resources. The research will focus on the fishing industry as an economically profitable and environmentally sustainable activity.




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