Basque entrepreneurs increase their interest in investing abroad


Basque Government, 22/03/2012

The meetings with SPRI’s external network, held over the last three weeks, have increased practically by half in comparison with last year In all, 883 meetings have been held, 281 more than in 2011.

Brazil, China, Germany, India, Mexico and Argentina were the countries arousing most interest for meetings with the delegates and consultants of the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism’s public company.

The Basque Government is now present in 62 different countries through the SPRI group, with 16 corporate offices in 14 countries and with 48 consultants, each in a different country. Last year, 422 projects were carried out for Basque companies on 59 different markets.

By geographical areas, Europe has been the area with the most meetings – 324 – followed by Latin America with 198, Africa with 160, Asia with 118 and the NAFTA countries (the USA, Canada and Mexico) with 73.


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