BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER holds a new edition of the Cluster Eguna focused on attracting and retaining talent to boost competitiveness

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The association brings together around 400 professionals from the Basque food value chain

Basque food companies anticipate an increase in recruitment of around 13% in the coming years in order to deal with the generational changeover

The attraction of talent, and its loyalty, will be one of the main factors of competitiveness that will enable the Basque food sector to continue to grow in the coming years and to face new challenges. This was the focus of the Eguna Cluster Conference, the annual meeting of the Basque food chain organised by BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER.

The event also hosted the General Assembly of Members of BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER, a benchmark association in the sector, which currently has 132 companies and organisations in its membership, belonging to the entire food value chain. Likewise, the now traditional Exhibition-Tasting of products and services of the associated companies took place, a space which, throughout the different editions of the Cluster Eguna, has become an unavoidable meeting point for professionals in the Basque food chain.

In his introduction to the event, the President of BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER, Manu Giner, highlighted the growth of the association, emphasising the ten innovation projects promoted in the last year, “built from listening to the needs of our associates”. This growth is pushing the Cluster to face new scenarios, which will be specified in the next Strategic Plan 2024-2027. Among them, special importance will be given to attracting and retaining talent.

“We compete with other sectors for the same talent. We will have to learn to develop tools, management models, a new business culture, make our companies offer what workers demand, think about how to deal with generational changeover and balance the presence of women in the general management of companies”, said Manu Giner.

Finally, the conference was brought to a close by the Basque Government’s Regional Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, Arantxa Tapia.


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