Basque Technology Parks take part in the Transfer 2012 Forum in Málaga


The first European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation aims to promote transfer and cooperation between the scientific field and the business sector. The Directors of Araba, Bizkaia and San Sebastián Technology Parks attended the forum, together with the President of the Basque Technology Park Network. 180 top Spanish R+D+I companies gathered at Transfer 2012 along with 36 Universities and over 30 Science and Technology Parks and Centres.

APTE, 09/02/2012

The Basque Technology Park Network took part in the first European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, attended by the Network’s President, Francisco Berjón, and the directors of Araba, Bizkaia and San Sebastián, Jose Manuel Nogales, Txaber Ouro and Estefanía Morcillo.

The Transfer 2012 Forum, held on 8 and 9 February in Málaga, has two main focal points: knowledge transfer between the universities and business, and inter-company cooperation. Over 2,000 meetings have been organised between company directors, research centres and universities.

The forum has taken its place as the business event of the year, bringing together over 360 research groups for the first time in a dynamic, participatory space for B2B business meetings with a view to pooling their demand for science and technology with the scientific and technological offer of the strategic sectors in Spain.

Transfer 2012 also hosted the CDTI’s (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) presentation of the Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation, run by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Speakers’ Corners were another feature of the forum, and the Basque Technology Parks took part with a presentation of the Technology Park Network. The Basque Network also attended B2B meetings with different entities from the energy and infrastructure sectors


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