SPRI helps three foreign investment projects set up in the Basque Country


Three business projects will be set up in the Basque Country during the first half of this year, with the help of the Basque Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism. The projects are linked to the energy and ICT sectors, and they will generate 150 new jobs.

Spri, 07/02/2012

Attracting these three new projects is the first result achieved by Invest in the Basque Country, a new department of the SPRI Group (the main group of public companies belonging to the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism), which works to attract foreign investment and was created in March 2011.

The creation of the three new projects is the result of work by SPRI’s Internationalisation area, which mobilised a total of 34 projects last year, now at the management or decision-making stage. A further 50 are on the table for this year. The SPRI Group’s managing director, Tomás Orbea, has said that “the process for developing these projects could take from 1 – 3 years”.

The potential investors’ new areas of interest are biopharmaceutics, aeronautics, the automotive industry and the environment. These are all sectors included in the Lidera strategy and considered strategic by the Basque Government.

The aim of SPRI’s new department is for the companies to base their excellence centres in the Basque Country.


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