Álava Technology Park collaborates with Radio Vitoria on the Programme “Plaza Nueva” (Thursday 2 February).


On Thursday 2 February, from 10:40 to 11:00 a.m., Álava Technology Park took part for the second time in Radio Vitoria’s morning show “Plaza Nueva”. The Park has its own space on the show once a month, and it highlights projects or activities being carried out by its companies and research centres.

Álava Technology Park, 03/02/2012

The Director of the Park was joined by another guest speaker on yesterday’s programme – Ramón Delgado, the Manager of Tecnalia’s “Media” Business Unit, who spoke about the firm’s “Triple Window” project.

Tecnalia is developing this project on the subject of new forms of TV viewing. The trend is towards integrating the different devices – TV, iPhone/mobile and iPad – so that they can complement each other through simultaneous information and content exchange. Tecnalia has developed an application for the Basque TV station EITB, which will be launched on 16 February, and the Park’s radio spot involved a preview of its content.


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