BEParke Kluba is here!

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The Euskadi Technology Park has launched KLUBA, a new space for leisure, culture, sport and health with multiple activities spread across all its campuses.

The people who make up the Parke community will be able to enjoy our hobbies without leaving the campus and create new links between us. KLUBA’s aim is to turn the Technology Park into an ecosystem of life, a space for socialising and healthy fun for people.

We have designed a very diverse range of activities with workshops, tournaments and courses in which you can participate individually, in pairs or in teams. Masterchef, tastings, running, football, paddle tennis, golf, online training plan, dance, mindfulness, hiking… You are sure to find what you like!


For any doubts or needs that may arise, online information sessions have been organised. The aim is to understand how BeParke Kluba works and to know what is on offer to the people who work at Parke, answering all the doubts and queries that may arise.

  • Informative session 1: 18 April at 14:00
  • Information session 2: 18 April at 17:00

Sign up for the session that best suits your needs through the registration format the time that suits you best.

If you are unable to attend and have any questions or suggestions, please contactus at

We are here to attend to your needs.


BeParke Kluba presents the offer of free registrations that can be enjoyed during the month of April in all the Parke territories and campuses. These activities are examples of the continuous courses that can be found from May onwards in Kluba. The aim is to find an alternative for the development of leisure on the campuses through cultural, healthy and sporting activities.

Practice Basque with coffee: Mintzalaguna

Group of people to practice Basque with the aim of improving the language. The activity also offers the opportunity to foster relationships with other people. For 45 minutes, the Basque language will be practised in an informal setting to improve oral expression skills, whatever the level of each person.

Practice English over coffee: Conversational group

Meeting in which the aim is to practise English language and communication skills. They help to improve oral expression, pronunciation, comprehension and listening skills. It is also a way to meet new people and learn new things in a warm and friendly atmosphere. For 45 minutes the main language will be English while having a good time and being led by a professional.


Physical activity that involves running at different paces and distances, offering physical and mental health benefits. Millions of people around the world find running an effective form of exercise and a supportive community. One-hour sessions, including warm-up, in a group and with the accompaniment of a coach. In this first session the aim will be to answer questions and explain how the activity works in the regular sessions.

Lindy Hop

Dance style born in the 20s in New York based on improvisation and swing music, is characterized by movements in pairs full of energy and joy. It will be a one hour class aimed at those who like to dance whatever the level of each one. During the session there will be the option of resolving any doubts that may arise about the ongoing course.

Consult the extended offer of all open registrations on our website:


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