Bullhost, cybersecurity specialist, develops a web tool to verify the security of your domain name

Álava, News

This year, with the incorporation of SPCnet in Bullhost, a reference company in cybersecurity, we have one more technological company in the Network of Parks.

Bullhost, experts in cybersecurity and in its NIST framework, is part of the White Book of the Basque Cybersecurity Centre as manufacturers, since they have the capacity to develop their own tools, besides having agreements with the most powerful manufacturers of the market as it can be PaloAlto for protection equipment or firewall, Veeam as partner of security copies or LogPoint for the monitoring of logs.

This team recently told us how every day, people and organisations are exposed to more and more cases of fraud, impersonation, theft or kidnapping and/or exposure of our personal data or that of our customers, with all that this entails, and the impersonation of our email is one of the most frequent actions that occur.

Our email address is known, we subscribe to websites, and it is easy and inevitable that many people and organisations know about it. Normal, isn’t it? But it is still an external element to our network that is exposed to possible impersonation.

Can you imagine a cybercriminal impersonating you by writing from your email account? It is really quite scary.

To prevent that from happening we can secure our domain, so that impersonating you will NOT BE AN OPTION FOR THEM.

A domain is secured by modifying and protecting certain parameters that prevent someone from impersonating you with your email. Not all hosting providers do this, in fact, 90% do not, it is a delicate and personalised job and, although it is not at all expensive, the profitability of the big hoster does not go that way. But the Bullhost and SPCnet binomial does, so, if you want to know if your domain is spoofable or not, this team has put at our disposal this tool: Is my domain safe?

In this small app you only have to enter the company’s email and it will give you the result instantly.


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