feeling parke

The Specialized Services for Companies are developed through its own brands, which take care of the different necessities of the business projects within the framework of a Business Ecosystem that is effective and efficient.

linking business

Services that, through the generation of meeting spaces, help Parke companies to relate to other companies and agents in order to develop business with other companies and agents in the area. It facilitates the identification of personalised contacts, personalised access to new companies in the Basque Technology Park Network, the promotion of meetings with companies in the Network related to very specific sectors and activities; the facilitation of meetings with companies in other national and international environments related to specific sectors and activities, and the promotion of meetings with national and international driving companies.

Empowering people

Services that favour the attraction of human capital to Parke and that build loyalty among the talent of its companies through professional development and the promotion of scientific-technological vocations. Its main strengths are the promotion of scientific-technological vocations among young people -in general and women in particular-; the visibility of women in Parke companies, benchmarks in the field of science and technology; the attraction of specialised professionals, reinforcing the image of Parke as a talent hub; assistance to Parke professionals in training and skills enhancement; and the loyalty of talent.

Scaling projects

Services that help companies in the Parke ecosystem to grow, to become more visible and recognised, to reach the market successfully or to access new markets, as well as to become a reference point for Parke values abroad. K-impulse carries out actions such as identifying and approaching the main agents of innovation and talent, as well as their eligible public and private funding programmes; organising events and conferences in which to learn about options for finding capital and funding for the growth and consolidation of the company; accompanying the company in its search for capital and funding for the growth and consolidation of the company; accompanying the company in its search for capital and funding for the growth and consolidation of the company; accompanying the company in its search for capital and funding. of the company; personalised accompaniment in the growth and internationalisation of the organisation; and the provision of flexible work spaces such as rooms and creative spaces at subsidised prices.

Communication services

It hosts communication services that help Parke companies to position themselves in the market and to be positively recognised by potential partners, customers and competitors in a hyper-connected world. We make our companies’ value proposition known, taking advantage of the power, reach and prestige of the Parke channels, as well as the prestige of the Parke channels, as well as its resources and communication tools: web (Parke company news and events), publications (company newsletter and Euskotek magazine), social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube), and information spaces in the media.

focusing on future

Services that anticipate Parke companies to technological paradigm shifts and new digital challenges in the economy, and that contribute to helping them to capture trends and offer high-value sessions aimed at their interests. We work on foresight, through which we identify disruptive technologies that can be business for Parke companies; information, channelled through events and conferences where they can learn about the latest scientific and technological advances; training, with access to advanced technologies; the business application of technology, including the presentation of real disruptive cases of Parke companies and facilitating B2B relationships between them to promote the implementation of these technologies; and support and communication, from research and implementation to the communication of their latest technological developments.