feeling parke

The Specialized Services for Companies are developed through its own brands, which take care of the different necessities of the business projects within the framework of a Business Ecosystem that is effective and efficient.

linking business

Networking. We generate opportunities between companies and entities of the RPTE.

Empowering people

Attracting and building loyalty. We boost the capacities of the people of the RPTE.
Promotion of Talent – Coordination with the services of the specialized agents (Basque Government – Be Basque, Councils, Vocational Training, Universities), support to professional development and promotion of scientific vocations and women’s role in the CTI.

Scaling projects

Growing. We help the companies of the Network to reach the market and grow

Communication services

The Network of Parks has different communication channels that help out companies to position themselves in the market and to be positively recognized by possible associates, clients and competition in a hyperconnected world. In order for companies to be able to spread their messages, the Network counts with its own webpage, digital newsletter, social network profiles, spaces in means of communication and the quarterly magazine Euskotek.

focusing on future

Anticipating. We propose changes in technological paradigms for the companies of our parks.