Closure of the European project Zero Hytechpark in which the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park took part

Under the framework of the LIFE+ programme, the aim of the project was to obtain more sustainable Technology Parks using renewable energy sources and hydrogen technologies. The closing ceremony brought together more than a hundred experts interested in renewable energies and hydrogen. The Zero Hytechpark project, included in the European LIFE+ programme, has come to...
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Basque Country Technology Parks closed 2013 with 425 companies, 15,000 employees and a turnover of 3,634 million

Business at the Alava, Bizkaia and Guipuzkoa Technology Parks in 2013 produced 4.9% of the GDP, 4.3% of employment and 5.3% of revenue. The Alava, Bizkaia and Guipuzkoa Technology Parks and the Garaia Innovation Pole closed the 2013 financial year with 425 businesses installed in the parks, 15,023 employees and a combined turnover of 3,634...
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The biomass of ocean mesopelagic fish is 10 times higher than estimated

The results have been gathered from the acoustic observations carried out during the Malaspina expedition The stock of mesopelagic fish, the most abundant on the planet, is revised upwards from 1,000 to 10,000 million tonnes These fish could be playing a significant role in transporting CO2 to deep waters The total stock of fish on...
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TECNALIA revolutionises the gaming industry with WiMi5

It is a new technology-based company created within TECNALIA, with the investments of IT Net Group, Microwave, Emprendiza, Civea Investment and the entrepreneur Jesús Ángel Bravo. TECNALIA has decided to invest in the gaming industry with the creation of WiMi5 It is a new technology-based company directed by Raúl Otaolea and formed by a team...
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