Collaboration Agreement between Álava Technology Park and ADIMAC, the Association for the all-round development of gifted children


The Park will provide backing for the Association for developing its educational innovation project, GAR.

Technology Park of Álava, 17/04/2012

Álava Technology Park and the ADIMAC Association for the all-round development of gifted children have signed a collaboration agreement whereby ADIMAC will receive backing from the Park for development of the GAR VII-Legutio project. This is a High Performance Group project being run in the area for the third consecutive year.

The GAR project is an educational innovation project to facilitate the intellectual development of children who are curious and keen to learn. It is based on scientific methodology, critical thought and creativity and aims to improve resources for specific educational needs. It is on the intellectual property register and is beginning to be known and acknowledged.

Through the agreement signed between the two entities, Álava Technology Park will back ADIMAC by providing halls for holding special meetings connected with the GAR project, amongst other aspects. The collaboration between the two bodies will help towards the dissemination of the GAR project and the association’s activities, to make society aware of its message for observing and improving the development of children’s cognitive skills.

Álava Technology Park has signed this agreement within the framework of one of the goals included in its mission statement: to place science and technology research within reach of the business and social sector, raising social awareness of the importance of scientific and technological development for society’s future progress and wellbeing.

ADIMAC is an association founded in 2008 that gears its activity to providing support, guidance and backing to people requiring more knowledge and resources for the development of their children or pupils with high intellectual capacity, motivation and/or creativity.


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