Services for businesses

Services designed to facilitate networking and collaboration in addition to strengthening the competitiveness of companies through improvements in management, strategy and commerce.
Becoming a part of the Network means benefiting from a collaborative ecosystem which facilitates synergies between companies. The area for Cooperation and Services works as a conduit and a facilitator for these environments of cooperation and improvement.

Communication service

The Network of Parks provides different communication channels which companies can use to share their messages and therefore reach a wider audience.
These include a web page, a digital newsletter, profiles on social media networks, media spaces, the ParkeApp app and the quarterly Euskotek magazine, among resources.
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Networking activities

The Inter-Company Networking Workshop Days are spaces for learning about the expertise of businesses based in the Park, promoting positive relations between people and, as far as possible, generating synergies which enable opportunities for business and collaboration.
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Environments for cooperation

The collaborative environments are spaces for exchanging experience and knowledge. They are made up of different organisations within the Park and address the development of projects and innovative initiatives based on topics that are of special interest to companies. The creation of synergies and the development of an effective trust-based collaboration are key aspects of the business environments. These include environments for Talent, Business Development and Sustainable Mobility.
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Collaboration networks

Collaborative Environments, which are based on topics of interest for the organisations in the Network of Parks, are used to analyse needs and to provide a response to the same through the development of new projects.
• Collaborative Environments for People: environments focused on personal development, the attraction and retention of talent, training and people management.
• Collaborative Environments for Marketing and Business Development: environments which seek to provide greater visibility to companies based at the Network of Technology Parks in Euskadi and to the projects that are being developed, promoting the generation of synergies between these companies.
• Collaborative Environments for Sustainable Mobility: these involve actions which improve movement to the Parks and within the Parks.
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