Services for professionals

Discover, participate, support, improve.

General information

The Network of Parks provides a variety of channels for sharing information about different areas of interest and topical issues between people working at the Parks.
Information is shared through the following means:
• Informative workshop days
• Social media networks: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
• Newsletters
• Website
• SPRI antennae (SPRI = ‘Society for Competitive Transformation’)


People are the most important asset of the companies that base their activities at the Parks and the training of these people is therefore of utmost importance.
The implementation of training actions and the development of new methodologies for the exchange of knowledge are important elements that are undertaken within the Parks.
• Workshops with experts
• Training workshops
• Collaboration agreement between the Parks and Deusto Business School: Parks Classroom, Workshops and much more.

Complementary services

Complementary services include those which are not directly linked to business development but are considered to be worthy of implementation within the ecosystem of each Park.
These services are linked to leisure time, health and wellbeing and to the generation of services which are beneficial to people working at the Parks.
They are linked to the infrastructure and leisure concept managed by the Parks on behalf of their community of users.
Club Parke focuses on organising activities related to leisure, health, sports, training and culture, but introduced into the workplace.