E.ON incorporates SF6-free units from Ormazabal to modernise the distribution network in Bavaria, Germany

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In this pilot project, the German electricity distributor has replaced an old installation with a digital substation using pioneering and sustainable technology.

Ormazabal’s technological solution allows remote monitoring of the grid to guarantee its supply.

The initiative will allow this type of solution to be scaled up in Germany with a view to modernising its grid and better integrating renewable generation, energy storage and electro-mobility.

The German electricity distribution company E.ON and Ormazabal, an expert in technological solutions for the electricity grid, have launched a pilot project in the region of Bavaria to modernise the German company’s grid in order to facilitate the integration of renewable energy generation and storage, the electric vehicle charging network and service monitoring. For this purpose, Ormazabal has supplied E.ON’s subsidiary Bayernwerk Netz GmbH with its pioneering technological solution of SF6-free equipment.

In this way, an obsolete transformer tower has been replaced by a new digital substation, incorporating all the technology for the automation of the network and its remote control, thus guaranteeing the distribution of energy to the consumers. The project is the result of the collaboration between E.ON and Ormazabal, which has had an industrial presence in Germany for decades, and is part of the objectives to promote the energy transition and the modernisation of the German distribution grid, a field in which Ormazabal is working to enable an energy transition towards a sustainable model.

Furthermore, this pilot project aims to experiment Ormazabal’s SF6 free solutions in the real grid, gaining experience in the operation and maintenance of this new equipment at an early stage for its subsequent extension in the German grid.

Thus, projects such as the one carried out with the distribution grid in Germany serve as milestones in Ormazabal’s “route to zero”, which reaffirms its commitment to environmental protection and continuous investment in research and technology to achieve the decarbonisation of the economy.


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