EITB: the 1st Group of Communications to join METAPOSTA


The workers in this regional group of television and radio will be able to receive their payslips and notes from this electronic mail and safe box on Internet. •METAPOSTA has already sent more than a million documents since it was established in February 2011. With this new incorporation to METAPOSTA the Basque Country becomes “a digitally competent as well as highly participative society, in which the use of different advanced services contributes to increasing the standards of welfare significantly” according to Mr. Bernabé Unda, Regional Minister of Industry, Innovation and Tourism. METAPOSTA is a project included in the Basque Digital Agency which is based on similar projects which are already working successfully in other countries like Denmark. The firm is supported by the Basque Government as well as by the Chamber of Commerce, Tecnalia, Grupost and Mondragon Investments.

EITB, 24/052012

EITB following their policies for the development of an Information society, signed the documents joining METAPOSTA yesterday, enabling them to use this service of electronic mail and safe box service on Internet in their communications.

In the presence of the Regional Minister for Industry, Innovation and Tourism, Mr. Bernabé Unda, Mr. Alberto Surio and the Vice-Minister for Innovation and Technology Mr. Juan Goicolea signed the agreement.

Thereafter, EITB becomes the first media group of to join METAPOSTA, as Iberdrola, Kutxabank, Euskaltel or Caja Laboral did before. Over 900 employees will receive their payslips and any other type of communications from other bodies on their personal boxes on METAPOSTA. This means a further step forward towards rationalising the service of administration in this group of public communication, following their policies of savings and regard for environment.

Furthermore, METAPOSTA becomes a new member of reference in the field of Communication Media following their policy of incorporating new sectors of activity, after having joined some of the most important Basque financial entities, energy companies and communication groups.

Incorporating EITB into METAPOSTA, as well as with the new members joining in the next few months (i.e. Naturgas, Tecnalia, Movistar…) in Mr. Bernabé Unda’s words “The Basque Country is making its way towards becoming a digitally competent and highly participative society, in which the use of different advanced services contributes to increasing the standards of welfare of its citizens, the efficiency and competitiveness of its Public Administrations, and of the business firms and social organizations. All of which is carried out in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

METAPOSTA is an alternative way of avoiding the over proliferation of documents; it is a safe and confidential system to access communications and documents sent by businesses and public bodies. Its main advantage, in comparison with with e-mail is that the users only receive messages from the senders who have been previously agreed and accepted. Consequently, there is no possibility of receiving spam or chain messages from unknown senders.

As well as the advantages for private users and businesses, this initiative is included in the policy of development of the Public Administration of the Basque Country and the encourages the use of these new advanced digital services extensively and fight against the exclusion of citizens through lack of knowledge of new technologies. Its model is the successful service e-boks (www.eboks.dk) of Denmark, which has 3.5 million users in 5.5 millions inhabitants and 600 major senders producing communications. Thus, with METAPOSTA, the Basque Country is offering a proposal similar to the initiatives of the most highly developed countries in the implementation of services on Internet, i. e. Denmark eBoks, Germany De-Mail, Norway MyPage.no, Australia Agosp and Singapore My eCitizen.

METAPOSTA was established in 2010 and is formed by eight members:

  • Ezten (venture capital fund)
  • EJIE ( Basque Government Information Society)
  • Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao, Gipuzkoa and Álava Corporación Tecnalia
  • Gupost (direct marketing)
  • Mondragon Inversiones

The president of the society Xabier Sabalza is also director of Innovation and Information Society of the Basque Government.


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