Euskadi Technology Park opts for a “multi-campus” model with a new single brand and a revamped web portal

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Euskadiko Parke Teknologikoa – Parque Tecnológico de Euskadi will be the reference brand for its six active campuses (Zamudio/Derio, Leioa, Donostia, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Hernani and Abanto) and the three planned ones (Ortuella, Bilbao and Hondarribia).

The website has now become an integral platform with tools, contents and differential experiences that reflect the commitment to a more cohesive technological ecosystem.

Euskadi Technology Park is the new single brand that will encompass the activity and services of its Campuses (six active and three in the pipeline) and with which the aim is to promote the development of a more integrated, collaborative and efficient technological ecosystem. The application of the new brand is immediately reflected in the renewed website, which has been transformed into a digital platform where all the tools, content, services and experiences linked to the Basque science, technology and innovation ecosystem are concentrated.

“With the new single brand and the complete renovation of the website we are taking a decisive step in the implementation of a more efficient and cohesive Park model”, said Itziar Epalza, Director General of the Basque Technology Park, who recalled the importance of these initiatives “to strengthen the synergy between our different locations, with greater collaboration, exchange of knowledge and resources, and, in short, to promote a more integrated technological ecosystem”.

In this sense, the web portal aims to become a key reference point for the promotion of innovation and technological development at all levels. To this end, it has opted for a comprehensive portal that stands out for the following features: unification of content, universal accessibility, improved user experience, flexibility in the management and updating of content, brand cohesion and consistency, and improved online visibility.

Communication, talent, services and commercial management

In addition to the usual functionalities of a website, the platform is designed to be a powerful communication tool, an active point of attraction and loyalty of talent, and a commercial management tool. It will also serve to offer an experience closer to the reality of the Technology Park and its social commitments.

With regard to the commercial management of the different areas of the Euskadi Technology Park, it should be noted that the new platform offers the possibility of discovering the opportunities for setting up on the Technology Park’s campuses, in a personalised way, to any company, from anywhere in the world. In addition, the main activity data that make the Basque Country, and the Technology Park in particular, the perfect place to develop a business project can be consulted directly on the website.

Likewise, dedicates a very relevant space to the differential services of the Technology Park, which have been consolidated as the spearhead for the construction of a cutting-edge business and professional ecosystem. Thus, through the BEParke programme, different lines of services are offered, aimed at generating connections and business opportunities between companies and professionals, promoting projects, boosting people’s talent, making companies and projects visible through our communication services or anticipating the future of technology.

Current affairs and news of interest, the impact on the Sustainable Development Goals or commitments to society – such as the promotion of scientific-technological vocations or the promotion of women in science – also have a preferential place on the new website, which aims to become the main channel for the Technology Park’s relations with its environment.

Finally, the website will be the information reference point for all the communication actions promoted by the Technology Park, which will be followed specifically and prominently from the accounts on social networks.


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