Sarenet, provider of all voice and data communications services in Workcenter

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The corporate network of its 18 offices has Secure Fibre, 4G back-up connection and perimeter defence.

The migration of all information systems to the operator’s Cloud has resulted in data being hosted in a redundant, monitored and secure environment.

The solution also includes a powerful infrastructure monitoring tool and the Sarevoz virtual PBX for VoIP services.

Workcenter, a leading printing company founded in 1995, has chosen Sarenet to configure a robust infrastructure with MPLS connectivity for its 18 sites in Madrid and Barcelona. With a workforce of over 200 employees, it currently has 2 production centres and 160 printing machines, delivering 18,000 shipments per year to its 240,000 registered customers, of which more than 3,000 are businesses, served through its “Workcenter Business” brand.

The expansion of shops, the growth of the online channel and the large number of connected devices were decisive in the company’s decision to take on the challenge of evolving its entire technology platform to improve all its voice and data communications.

Achieving this goal meant configuring a new, more powerful and secure private network, optimising the telephony system, providing new cloud solutions and improving the security of its data and connections. In addition, they needed their platform to be in a totally reliable DPC, with professional maintenance and monitoring and with guarantees of permanent availability.

Sarenet’s solution

To meet these needs, Sarenet developed a solution so that all the branches would have a Secure Fibre connection – Dual Fibre in the case of the main headquarters – and another 4G back-up connection. In addition, the perimeter defence service – a web tool developed and managed by Sarenet – was implemented to detect attacks and stop them by activating filters on demand.

Once all the information systems had been migrated to the Sarenet Cloud, the cloud became an extension of the company’s MPLS network, so that any site could connect to the cloud via the shortest route, achieving very low latencies and making applications run more smoothly. In this way, the company’s data was in a redundant, monitored and secure environment.

At the same time, the company now has a powerful monitoring window that allows it to see and control the company’s infrastructure in its entirety: line status, service monitoring, backup management, parameter changes in Cloud services, etc.

Workcenter also implemented Sarenet’s VoIP solution with the Sarevoz Virtual PBX, which offers very advanced functionalities and easy management by the company. The system included new terminals, some of them wireless for more convenient use in the shops. Another highlight was the activation of the managed security service, with which Sarenet’s team of security experts proactively monitors the network and the systems installed in Workcenter, alerting of possible threats, security problems detected, damaged equipment, etc., an important point as these are shops where users access their printing services with USB sticks and external devices.

Full availability and increased security

The new network configuration, adding back-up lines of different technology and operators at each site, has helped Workcenter to guarantee the availability of the connection permanently and avoid service failures. In addition, the migration of data, equipment and applications to the Sarenet Cloud has reduced latency in transmissions, increasing the speed of response in ERP and process management software.

But, undoubtedly, what has allowed this migration is to gain in security, as its resources are hosted in an environment with maximum security measures and permanent surveillance by Sarenet technicians, who act instantly in the event of any cyber-attack threat.

For Sergio Sierra, systems director at Workcenter, the implementation of a platform of this magnitude created some concern, due to the unforeseen events that could arise and the risk that this change could hinder business activity at some point. “Fortunately, Sarenet’s prior analysis and thorough planning prevented setbacks and the process was a success. The company plans to continue to grow by opening new points of sale and developing the online channel, especially for businesses. “The fact that Sarenet’s solutions are easily scalable and flexible, and the professionalism and proximity in the technical advice on how to incorporate improvements to facilitate the growth of our business have been decisive for us to count on them as an integral supplier of all these services”, concludes Sierra.


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