GAIKER-IK4 intensifies research into Health, Energy, Ecosystems, Functional Materials and Biomedicine


The GAIKER Technology Centre has reorganised its activity into six strategic areas of research arising from the connection with existing areas of research. As part of their knowledge and research in the Areas of Biotechnology, the Environment and Recycling, Plastics and Composites, the Centre will carry out new technological developments in fields of application ranging from Health, Food, the Environment, Energy, Clean Production, Transport and Bionics, in line with the technological objectives for the next four years, grouped according to strategic projects: Functional Materials, Biomedicine and Biodiagnostics, Renewable Energies, Evaluation and Treatability Studies of Ecosystems, and Sustainable Production. This is one of the leading new items in their 5th Strategic Plan, 2009-2012, and marks the differentiation and projection towards the market. Another of the significant items in the Plan is the firm commitment to the development of new opportunities related to the creation of new products and new technologically based companies, through the protection and operation of their results. A specific office has been created for this purpose.

  • Source: Gaiker
  • Date: 28/09/2009


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