GAIKER is working on the development of large composite parts for the naval sector

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The KAIROS project is researching advanced technologies such as new lightweight composite materials, automated manufacturing processes, artificial vision, sensorisation, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twinning.

With the aim of developing a solution for the efficient manufacture of large composite parts with a high degree of automation, as well as quality and cost optimisation for the naval sector, the KAIROS project (2022-2025) is being developed with the participation of the GAIKER Technology Centre, a member of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance, BRTA.

This project involves research into cutting-edge composite manufacturing technologies, industry 4.0 and digital twins in order to achieve manufacturing processes with a high degree of automation, achieve a 30-40% weight reduction compared to steel structures, have parts with the same or better mechanical performance, with protection against fire and corrosion and with a complete supply cycle cost (design, materials, labour, quality control and defects) considerably lower compared to current composite manufacturing technologies.

This research will represent an important technological advance in terms of the monitoring and intelligent control of the infusion process of large composite parts, as it will work on the automation of an infusion process assisted by sensors and artificial vision, at the same time as a digital model of the process will be obtained. All of this will be applied to a ship loading gate as a use case.

GAIKER, as an expert in the formulation, design and processing of composites, will be in charge of characterising the composite manufacturing processes and the optimised resin infusion process, obtaining an automated dry fibre preforming system, monitoring and controlling both the fibre lamination and preforming process and the infusion process, reducing in both cases the manufacturing time, cost and failures, as well as the methodology for the design and modelling of the naval components. It will also collaborate in the selection of tools and technologies for the adoption of the digital model of the resin infusion process.

The KAIROS project, co-financed by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) within the framework of the CIEN strategic programme, is led by CT Ingenieros and involves the participation of the companies Sofitec, Cramix, SP Consultores, Segula Technologies, Global Vacuum Presses and Izertis, as well as five research organisations, including the GAIKER Technology Centre.


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