The Basque Country, a hub of reference for startups and open innovation with more than 20 technologies represented at Mobile World Congress

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Basque Industry 4.0 companies, 20 startups and agents of the Basque startup creation and acceleration ecosystem will meet from 28 February to 2 March at 4YFN, the international startup congress at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona.

The Basque entrepreneurial ecosystem Up!Euskadi reaches the figure of 1,000 registered Basque technology start-ups

The Basque Country strengthens its position as an ecosystem for startup acceleration and open innovation with initiatives aimed at facilitating the digital transformation of SMEs and public companies.

The Basque Government launches Basque Tek Ventures, a venture builder of new deeptech startups. The new initiative was created with the aim of catalysing and accelerating the creation of high-impact business projects based on the technology generated by R&D agents in the Basque Country.

Mobile World Congress The Basque Country continues to position itself as a hub of reference for startups at an international level and this week participates in 4YFN (Four Years From Now), one of the main startup meetings worldwide, which is being held at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) from 27 February to 2 March in Barcelona. During the event, Up!Euskadi, the Basque entrepreneurship ecosystem, presented to the international community the latest initiatives for the acceleration of startups, the creation of startups based on the valuation of R&D and open innovation in industry.

In addition, representatives of the Basque Government and the SPRI Group are this year accompanying 20 new start-ups, Basque Industry 4.0 companies and agents from the entrepreneurship ecosystem to this international meeting, to present the latest initiatives and success stories they have launched. Up!Euskadi is taking part in 4YFN with an exhibition area to represent the Basque Country. After last year’s presentation of its open information platform on the players in the ecosystem, it already has more than 1,000 companies with new emerging technological solutions registered, which generate more than 8,000 jobs.

Among the new proposals that have been launched is Basque Tek Venture, a technology transfer venture builder to accelerate the commercialisation of the most promising technologies and the creation of new business fabric. The new initiative, led by SPRI, in collaboration with the Basque Research & Technology Alliance (BRTA) and the network of BICs in the Basque Country, includes a complete range of support services, adapted to the characteristics of high-tech entrepreneurship, focusing on critical aspects such as attracting the necessary talent to lead this type of project.

In turn, Basque Tek Ventures has a new financing instrument adapted to the needs of this type of project. A new technology transfer fund that will invest in new companies, providing the necessary funding to get them through the “valley of death”, a period of high risk and uncertainty for start-ups.

New initiatives of the open innovation platform
Among the SPRI Group and Up!Euskadi’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship is BIND 4.0, the largest open innovation platform for smart industry, which has been running since 2016. Its acceleration programme has already been running for seven editions, in which it has promoted 200 startups and developed 290 projects, with a turnover of over 7.5 million euros.

As a novelty, this year BIND 4.0 has launched the second edition of BIND 4.0 SME Connection, aimed at the collaboration of SMEs and startups, and the new pilot initiative BIND 4.0 GovTech, which has the participation of different public companies in the Basque Country, with the aim of advancing in their digitalisation process by collaborating with startups. Both calls have been open until 3 February, and have received more than 300 registrations for the 17 technological challenges that have been presented.

20 Basque startups at the Mobile World Congress
During the three days of 4YFN, it will be possible to visit the Up!Euskadi exhibition stand, with the participation of 20 technology startups to showcase different disruptive solutions, through the use of artificial intelligence, big data and virtual and augmented reality, among other technologies. In addition, the startups participating in BIND 4.0 will present their success stories of open innovation in collaboration with the partner companies with which they developed them.

Among the different meetings that will take place at 4YFN, the Deputy Minister of Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation Estibaliz Hernáez will participate in the Banco Sabadell sessions with a presentation on the success of the BIND 4.0 collaboration model between companies and startups.

The Basque startups presenting their technologies and projects at 4YFN are:

Naru Intelligence Solutions S.L.
Data Value Management
Quantum Mads
Euskal Oxcitas Biotek
Circular Genie
OSANE consulting
Peta Optik

Up!Euskadi’s 4YFN agenda
From 27 February to 2 March:
● Permanent – Up!Euskadi exhibition stand display in Hall 8.1

28th February
● 11:15h – Round table presentation of BIND 4.0 “Basque Open Innovation in Action” success stories in collaboration with Stand Banco Sabadell, with the participation of partner companies Angulas Aguinaga, Erreka and Iberdrola and startups CL Circular, Naru Intelligence and Data Value Management.

1st March
● 11:15h – Presentation of BIND 4.0 and pitching session of its startups in the Pitching state of the MWC. Participating startups:
○ Naru Intelligence Solutions S.L.
○ Data Value Management
○ Bexreal
○ Circular Genie
○ OSANE Consulting
○ Euskal Oxcitas Biotek
○ Trak

About BIND 4.0
BIND 4.0 is a public-private open innovation platform for smart industry created by the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment through the SPRI Group and its Up!Euskadi platform of the Basque entrepreneurship ecosystem. It currently has the collaboration of 100 of the main benchmark companies in the sector based in the Basque Country, such as Angulas Aguinaga, Iberdrola, ITP Aero, Mercedes Benz, Siemens Gamesa, Quirónsalud and Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, among others. This initiative was created with the triple objective of accelerating the development of startups in the Basque industrial ecosystem, promoting the digital transformation of companies and positioning the Basque ecosystem as a hub for advanced industrial entrepreneurship. Since 2016, BIND 4.0 has promoted 200 startups and developed 290 projects, with a turnover of over 7.5 million euros. For more information:

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