Six new companies present themselves at the fourteenth edition of K-business, an initiative to connect companies in the Basque Country’s Technology Parks

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AVL Ibérica Euskadi, Basquevolt, Bibagu, Drone by drone, Senstile and Solaria are some of the entities that have set up in recent months in the Basque Technology Parks and which have participated today in this meeting space.

This morning, at the K-business meeting, the Basque Technology Parks presented six new entities from the group of companies that have recently set up in the parks. The new companies AVL Ibérica Euskadi, Basquevolt, Bibagu, Drone by drone, Senstile and Solaria have presented their activities, products and services in this meeting space between entities of the Technology Parks of the Basque Country, which aims to promote contact, collaboration and business development.

With the one held today, there are now 14 editions of these meetings in which 480 entities have participated, with more than 300 bilateral meetings that have generated numerous business agreements.

Round of presentations

The initiative included a round of presentations by each of the companies and 28 bilateral meetings to promote contact, opportunities for collaboration and business development between the registered entities.

AVL (Campus Donostia) is one of the world’s leading companies in mobility technology dedicated to the development, simulation, testing and integration in the automotive industry, as well as covering other sectors. The company offers concepts, solutions and methodologies that respond to the mobility trends of the future. It is present worldwide, and from 2022 in the Basque Country with its subsidiary AVL Iberica Euskadi.

Basquevolt (Vitoria-Gasteiz Campus) is a project focused on the production of solid-state cells that aspires to be a benchmark gigafactory in Europe in this type of battery with an estimated production of 10GWh in 2027. It develops a sustainable, safer and highly competitive solid-state battery technology, with the best materials and cells for electric vehicles, heavy transport, renewable energies and electronic devices.

Bibagu (Donostia Campus) Software platform that measures and improves the well-being of people to generate motivated and productive work teams. Through a process of measuring the work experience and accompanying work teams, we detect people’s needs and implement small actions that generate a major change in the organisation, all with the aim of retaining talent and attracting new profiles.

Drone by Drone (Zamudio/Derio Campus) carries out aerial work using drones or UAS, in multiple sectors such as topography, precision agriculture, industrial inspections, audiovisual, geology, security or training, using the latest technologies and innovating in each new service.

Senstile (Zamudio/Derio Campus) is a start-up in the fashiontech sector that has developed a technology that generates a digital twin of any fabric with applications in all steps of the value chain of the production process.

Solaria (Vitoria-Gasteiz Campus) is a leading company in the development and generation of photovoltaic energy in southern Europe, to actively contribute to decarbonisation and ensure that the global energy model is based on clean energy, placing a sustainable approach in business strategy and management.

K-business is the Networking service of the Basque Technology Parks, which aims to help Parke companies to get to know and interact with other companies and agents in the area, identifying and generating opportunities for collaboration and business development.

The K-business service is part of the BEParke initiative of the Basque Technology Parks, which aims to cover the different needs of business projects through a new catalogue of specialised services. In this sense, in addition to the K-business Neworking service, the Parke brand includes four other new services: K-talent, K-impulse, K-future and K-media, designed to promote business, professional and personal development.


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