ITP Aero welcomes EU funding for sustainable aviation

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The EU’s Clean Aviation programme will allocate more than 700 million euros to 20 research and innovation projects

ITP Aero, as a founding member of Clean Aviation, will participate in four projects focusing on the development of hybrid-electric and hydrogen-powered aero engines

ITP Aero welcomes the decision of the European Union’s Clean Aviation programme to fund over €700 million for 20 research and innovation projects in the aeronautics sector. Following the evaluation of the proposals from the first call, part of this funding, subject to the successful completion of the grant agreement, will enable ITP Aero and its partners to accelerate the development of sustainable propulsion systems in the aeronautics sector.

Clean Aviation is the European Union’s leading research and innovation programme to transform aviation towards a sustainable, emission-neutral future. The four projects in which ITP Aero is involved (HEAVEN, HE-ART, CAVEDISH and TheMa4HERA) will focus on three main technological pillars:

Ultra-efficient aeronautical architectures to address short- and medium-haul needs with innovative gas turbine configurations that help reduce emissions.

Hybrid and electric architectures, promoting research into new hybrid electric engine architectures and their integration.

Disruptive technologies for hydrogen-powered aircraft. Enabling aircraft and engines to exploit the potential of hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

These four Clean Aviation programme projects in which ITP Aero is participating are in addition to the ENGRT (EU Next Generation Rotorcraft Technologies) project of the European Defence Funds (EDF) approved in July 2022. The ENGRT project focuses on the next generation of EU military helicopters. The project will include the analysis of future needs, key features and capabilities of future helicopters, alternative helicopter platforms, flight demonstrators and simulators. The project will also develop a technology roadmap for military helicopters, modularity and manufacturing strategies, life cycle analysis and maintenance concepts.

Erlantz Cristobal, Executive Director of Technology and Engineering at ITP Aero, said: “ITP Aero is focused on leading the transition to sustainable propulsion systems and this milestone will allow us to leverage our existing expertise to help accelerate technological advancements in line with our commitment to be a carbon neutral company by 2050.”


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