“Parkea Musik Fest” returns this Thursday to the Zamudio/Derio Campus with performances by three groups featuring professionals from companies in the Basque Country Technology Park

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The event, which is free and open to anyone, will be held from 5 p.m. onwards at the Baserri Antzokia of the Zamudio/Derio Campus.

The groups “Blaster M”, “Soporte Vital Básico” and “La Fabulosa y Decadente Mambo Express” are taking part in this initiative which forms part of “BeParke Kluba”, aimed at turning the campuses into spaces for socialising and fun which help to attract and retain talent.

The Zamudio/Derio Campus of the Basque Country Technology Park will host a new edition of “Parkea Musik Fest” this coming Thursday 23 May. The initiative promoted by the Basque Country Technology Park aims to give visibility to the creative talent of its workers and to transform the workspace into a living ecosystem open to social and cultural experiences. This initiative is part of the different activities that can be enjoyed throughout the year at the 6 active campuses of the Basque Country Technology Park through BeParke Kluba.

The event will take place at the Baserri Antzokia of the Zamudio/Derio Campus with free admission for all those interested, whether or not they are employees of Parke companies. At least one member of each group is an employee of a company located on the Campus, and each band will play for approximately half an hour, but in addition to the music, there will be raffles, pintxos and drinks, exclusive discounts for festivals, and 150 free drinks.

The session will start with “Blaster M” (17:00h), a group with a rock and roll repertoire in Basque; then “Soporte Vital Básico” (17:45h) will play pop and, finally, “La Fabulosa y Decadente Mambo Express” will perform (18:30h), a group that plays Cumbia.

“Blaster M” has the participation of people who work at Ingeteam, a company dedicated to electrical engineering. “Soporte Vital Básico” is made up of staff from Tecnalia, a research centre applied to technological development, and will set the evening’s atmosphere with a great selection of pop music. “La Fabulosa y Decadente Mambo Express” features musicians from the company Ayesa, a global provider of technological and engineering services.

Parkea Musik Fest is an initiative that emerged from the “A Challenge for the Parkea” programme, which was launched seven years ago, and of which eleven editions have already been held on the Donostia, Zamudio/Derio, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Leioa campuses. The initiative seeks to highlight the talent of the people who make up Parke and aims to transform the working environment into a space for leisure, wellbeing and free time.

This Thursday’s event at the Zamudio/Derio Campus will be followed on 13 June by the festival at the Vitoria-Gasteiz Campus and on 19 September at the Donostia Campus of the Basque Country Technology Park.

PARKEA MUSIK FEST 2024 Date: Thursday, 23 May 2024 Time: 17.00 Place: Baserria Antzokia Parque Tecnológico del País Vasco – Campus Zamudio/DerioTaileri Kalea, 6.48160 Derio, Bizkaia


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