“PARKEA MUSIK FEST” returns this Thursday to the Zamudio/Derio Campus with the performance of five groups made up of professionals from Technology Park companies

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The event, which is free and open to anyone, will be held from 5 p.m. onwards at the Baserri Antzokia of the Zamudio/Derio Campus of the Technology Parks.

The five groups that will provide entertainment for this edition of “Parkea Musik Fest” are made up of people who work in companies in the Technology Parks.

The Zamudio/Derio Campus of the Technology Parks will host a new edition of “Parkea Musik Fest” on Thursday 18 May, the initiative promoted by the Basque Technology Parks to give visibility to the creative talent of their workers, and to transform the workspace into a living ecosystem open to social and cultural experiences.

The event will take place at the Baserri Antzokia of the Zamudio/Derio Campus. At 17:00 the pop-rock show will start. The session will start with “Space Octopus” (17:00h), a group with a rock repertoire; then “Lur Jota” (17:45h) will play Basque rock, followed by “Malatestta” (18:30h) who will delight the audience with their rock music, followed by the pop group “Arde Marte” (19:15h) and, finally, “Cruce de Miradas” (20:00h), a group that combines pop-rock style.

The members of “Space Octopus” work at Imatek, an innovative company in the field of information technologies; while those of “Lur Jota” come from Biolan, a company that develops, manufactures and markets analysis and diagnosis methods, mainly based on biosensors, to detect and quantify molecules related to food quality and safety, as well as health. The components of “Malatestta” and “Arde Marte” come from Ingeteam, a company specialising in the development of electrical equipment, motors, generators and frequency converters, as well as electrical and power plant engineering.

During the event there will be raffles for tickets to cultural and sporting events for the workers of the Parks and the first 150 drinks will be served free of charge.

Parkea Musik Fest is an initiative arising from the “A Challenge for the Park” programme, which was launched six years ago, with four editions held on the Donostia, Zamudio/Derio and Vitoria-Gasteiz campuses.

Last year’s edition saw the participation of 14 groups made up of professionals working in companies in the Basque Parks: Carlos Tego, Blue Painters, El Cantar del MiuCIC, Bilongo Latin Trio, Rojo Nieve, Red Night Man, Red Crocodile, Old Skull, Grezians, Igara Roosters, Beyond his faith, Who killed Laika?, Pentatonics Banda and Desert tracks, as well as dance by BIOFISIKA Dantza plazan.

The bands that took part in the last edition were made up of employees from the companies Tecnalia, CIC energiGUNE, RetaBET, Light & System, Ibermática, Ingeteam, Ceit, KREAN, Instituto de Biofísika, Achucarro and BC Materials.

The concerts took place in 4 of the Technology Park Campuses: Vitoria, Donostia, Zamudio/Derio and Leioa, in front of a dedicated audience made up not only of employees of the Parke companies but of all kinds of people, as the initiative is open to all audiences.


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