Mobility to work plan, environmental commitment and regulatory compliance

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In the Basque Country, companies with more than 100 employees will be obliged to have a mobility plan in place by 2022.

At the national level, this year will also see the approval of the law that will oblige Spanish companies to have mobility plans in place.

Companies located on the different campuses of the Euskadi Technology Park will get a 25% discount on the registration fee by using the attached document until 31 May.

In the Basque Country, from the end of 2022, companies with more than 100 employees are obliged to have a mobility plan for work aimed at reducing the demand for mobility and achieving cleaner journeys. This obligation derives from the application of the Basque Energy Sustainability Law, which is currently in force, and the Royal Decree that develops it. Likewise, the obligation to have mobility plans for work will reach all companies in Spain before the end of this year, once the Sustainable Mobility Law has been passed, which is currently being processed.

For all these reasons, the Mobility and Logistics Cluster of the Basque Country is organising a course for the University of the Basque Country entitled “Workplace Mobility Plan: a quick guide to draw it up”, with the support of the New Mobility Centre of Gipuzkoa, Mubil, which aims to offer companies a simple guideline to comply with both regulations.

The training will be held on 22 June at the Miramar Palace in Donostia-San Sebastian, as part of the summer courses of the University of the Basque Country. With a duration of 5 hours, it will review the current regulation, the one currently being processed and will advance the new requirements that the latter will add. In addition, a theoretical session will be offered which will be complemented with a practical space in which each student will be able to outline the main lines of their own plan. Representatives from the Basque Government and the Directorate General of Traffic will be taking part as speakers in the regulatory part. The theoretical and practical training will be provided by the company Ingartek, a consultancy firm specialising in the development of this type of plan.

The course has five teaching objectives. On the one hand, it will provide information on the environmental, socio-economic and energy context that underpins the need to implement mobility plans to work. On the other hand, it will highlight the benefits obtained from the implementation of a mobility to work plan, both for the company, workers and society, beyond legal compliance. In addition, it will review the regulatory framework that regulates them and how to respond to the obligations they impose. It will also provide guidance on how to draw up a mobility to work plan. And finally, it will help to identify advantages to exploit the mobility to work plan as a company asset in terms of corporate social responsibility, green procurement, reputation, etc.

Course details:
Title: Mobility to work plan: a quick guide to develop it”.
Date: 22 June 2023
Time: from 9:00 to 14:00 hours
Place: Palacio Miramar, Donostia-San Sebastián
More information and registration:


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