Radio Vitoria’s ‘Plaza Nueva’ , the programme devoted to Alava Technology Park will host the company Geotech Gestión Espacial


On July 12th, Vicente López a founding partner of Geotech Gestión Espacial (Geotech Space Management) will take part in Radio Vitoria’s ‘Plaza Nueva’ programme devoted to the Park.

Geotech is a company established in 1999, whose main branches of work are concerning the environment. They develop environmental impact studies and its assessment in 2 main areas; the GIS field, in which develop GIS tools and applications, programming, mapping, field inventory and spatial georeferencing, etc. The other main area they deal in is tourism, with the launch of sustainable tourism initiatives respecting the environment. In the programme, Geotech will present some of their most outstanding projects that they have developed in these areas during their thirteen years of business.


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