Registration is now open for the sports offer in BeParke Kluba and you can activate your physical activity in Parke

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BeParke Kluba’s sports offer reaches all territories with options for all tastes: running, paddle tennis, golf and online training plans. From May to June, enjoy these activities designed to encourage physical activity.

The BeParke Kluba community is offering sporting experiences for this spring in all territories from May until June, and registration is now open with limited places available. The options are varied and designed to suit all tastes and fitness levels.


One hour sessions for two months to run around the Parke campuses to test endurance and strength while breathing fresh air. All levels are suitable for this activity as it involves running at different paces and distances adapted to each individual.

Araba: from 7 May to 11 July at the entrance to Cafeteria Parke.

Bizkaia: from 7 May to 11 July at the entrance to the Zamudio sports centre.

Gipuzkoa: from May 8th to July 12th in front of the changing rooms of the new A22 building.

Padel tournament

In each territory there will be a paddle tennis tournament. A format in which players play short matches uninterruptedly for about two hours and against all participating pairs. In this modality there is a central court, among all the courts being used, which will determine the winner of the tournament. Depending on the result of the match played, the winner will move closer or further away from that court; if the result is favourable, he/she will move up one court and if it is the opposite, he/she will move away from the target. The aim is to win all the matches in order to be the winner of the tournament.

Araba: 25th May at Pádel Pista Norte

Bizkaia: 27 May at Pádel Derio Club

Gipuzkoa: 18th May at Pádel 21, Astigarraga.


Through the golf initiation course it will be possible to learn about the basics of golf, improve the technique and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere while exercising the body. You will also obtain the handicap necessary to play golf on any golf course. The aim will be to train in the good practices of this sport so that it is possible to enjoy playing it.

Bizkaia: from the 16th of May to the 13th of June, Derio Golf

Online training plans

For those who prefer comfort and working on their own, there is the possibility of acquiring an online training plan. You can choose between different varieties such as triathlon, running, swimming or cycling of different distances and intensities. The user will receive a dossier with explanations and a 15-week training plan to help them achieve their goals.

Registrations are open and any questions or suggestions will be answered via the e-mail address .



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