Global Innovation for salt analysis in the food industry: BIOLAN launches a unique pocket sensor, BIOFISH 7000 SAL T, digitalized and sustainable

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BIOFISH 7000 SALT is a unique device because it is connected to the cloud, faster, more accurate, versatile in the sample to be measured, and quantifies salt by measuring sodium, a real factor of interest for consumer health.

BIOLAN will present this disruptive innovation at Seafood Expo Global 2024, where it will conduct product demonstrations at 12h and 16h at booth 3FF901 in Hall 3.

Although the launch is focused on the fish and crustacean sector, this technological solution, the expansion of its application to other food segments is already underway.

After the successes achieved with the solutions for the quantification of histamine in fish and sulphite in crustaceans, which have served to put BIOLAN on the map and give it global recognition as a leader in biosensor technology applied to the food industry, the Basque company launches the BIOFISH 7000 SALT, a revolutionary technology with which it aims to become a benchmark in the analysis of SALT in all segments of the food sector worldwide.

Many voices in the fishing industry have long been calling for an alternative technology to the current methods, which are characterized by some of the following problems: use of dangerous reagents, inaccurate results, delays in obtaining analyses or costly analytical processes.

The BIOFISH 7000 SALT is a simple-to-use potentiometric instrument that allows you to determine the amount of salt – by sodium quantification – in less than 2 minutes at any point in the value chain. Its portability, the fact that it does not use hazardous reagents, its speed, accuracy and wide range of measurement matrices make it a very competent tool, but if you add to this the versatility to quantify other parameters of interest such as histamine or sulphite in the same device, it is unmatched.

Indeed, the device is capable of measuring in a wide variety of matrices covering fresh, cooked, canned, canned fish, salted anchovy, fish meal, and crustaceans. With BIOFISH 7000 SALT, salt concentrations of 0-15%, or 0-6000 mg Na+/100g, are quantified.

The determination of salt in fish, besides being a factor that determines the quality of the fish, is also important for the health of the consumer, since a high level of sodium in the diet is a risk factor for arterial hypertension. Most of the current methods in the market quantify salt through the measurement of chlorides, which in itself already gives a differentiating value to BIOFISH 7000 SALT.

In addition, salt is commonly used in the routine handling of fish, in order to prevent and control diseases, in its preservation, or when transporting it. For all these reasons, the control of the amount of salt in fish products is of strict compliance for companies because the European Union, as in other markets, imposes legal limits for the labeling of this parameter. It is not only the fish sector that is the target market for this product, since practically all food segments will benefit from having the BIOLAN tool to quantify salt, because its application will be deployed to others such as meat, beverages, dairy products, bakery products, etc.

The BIOFISH 7000 SALT belongs to the new generation of BIOLAN biosensors equipped with connectivity with which to perform a comprehensive monitoring of the analytical process, from advanced visualization of results and storage in the cloud, to product traceability throughout the value chain.

The BIOFISH 7000 SALT brings with it differentiated advances over the competition: connectivity, speed of analysis, versatility, sustainability and ease of use, features increasingly valued and demanded by customers for the control of a food quality parameter as well known and important as salt. BIOLAN’s objective is, once again, to facilitate the actors involved in processing, conservation and decision making along the entire value chain, resulting in increased competitiveness, efficiency and profitability for the fishing industry.

BIOLAN, in addition to being in a continuous search for new analytical solutions that contribute to the food sector, has been in the process of digital transformation for some years. BIOLAN has its own digital platform BIOLANglobal, an aggregated digital service accessible from any device connected to the internet that allows a global and digital monitoring of food quality and safety. This year BIOLAN participates in the Seafood Expo Global fair, where in addition to exhibiting for the first time the BIOFISH 7000 SALT sensor, it will also show the advances made in its BIOLANglobal 2.0 platform: completely renewed interface that brings freshness and ease of navigation to the user, improvements in loading speed and overall performance, and a point and apart in the visualization of data in real time.

During April 23rd, 24th and 25th, BIOLAN will welcome all the actors of the fishing sector interested in the new development BIOFISH 7000 SALT at the Seafood Expo Global fair in Barcelona, located at BOOTH Nº 3FF901 in HALL 3.


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