Includes high-capacity symmetrical fibre, next-generation cloud firewall and LTE6 radio backup for a connection that ensures total availability

Also offers a dashboard in the Client Window for easy real-time monitoring and management of all network activity in real-time

Sarenet (, aware of the unstoppable increase in cyber-attacks on all types of companies and the growing need for connectivity and digitalisation in the business world, has launched Fibra Segura +, a complete fibre-optic solution to protect corporate networks with a high capacity symmetrical fibre, LTE6 radio backup and cloud firewall.

Sarenet sees cybersecurity as a priority requirement for companies to protect their data, their production and ultimately their business. In response to this growing need, the company offers a more reliable fibre connection, with more filters and control measures, which drastically reduce the exposure of networks to any cyber-attack. At the same time, it guarantees connectivity with LTE6 radio back-up, so that in the event of the main link going down, switching is automatic with the same IP address without losing the connection at any time.

Next-generation cloud firewalls

In order to filter all traffic coming from the internet, the company adds state-of-the-art firewalls in the cloud before it enters the network. These firewalls prevent unauthorised external access to services and applications installed on the client and accessible from the internet, as well as providing greater defence against denial of service (DDoS) attacks than could be achieved with a firewall installed directly at the company’s head office. It is a high-performance firewall service based on a geographically distributed infrastructure that enables 100% availability.

This new security element monitors all traffic, preventing connections to Internet sites containing malicious software, URLs included in phishing messages and IP addresses belonging to infected computer networks used by hackers for mass mailings, denial of service attacks or remote control of compromised computers.

In addition, this solution also includes an Antivirus, which filters both infected files attached to e-mails and those downloaded from the Internet, as well as facilitating teleworking by allowing the creation of encrypted tunnels so that people on the move can connect to the office environment securely.

With this new service, the customer also has a panel in the Client Window for real-time monitoring and management of all network activity. This tool allows changing the LAN IPs, configuring the DHCP server and the WiFi network, Activating/Deactivating UTM Firewall, configuring the opening of incoming ports and managing users for oVPN access.

A complete and affordable service

The Fibra Segura + solution, with no setup fee, includes the installation and the FTTH and 4G router, the back-Up with 4G traffic and the window for service management: firewall, Wifi, LAN and monitoring. The service also includes WiFi activated from the router (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and a predefined UTM security profile that includes antivirus filtering, Bootnets, blacklists, DNS, Webfiltering and IPS, as well as a DDoS attack mitigation system and 1 Public IP.

Sarenet, which considers security as a transversal concept in all its solutions, is also able to offer an Endpoint service to protect the workstation, remote copies of data in the cloud and the option to contract a Cyberinsurance with extensive coverage and technical service in the event of a cyberattack.

With more than 25 years of experience in providing IT services to companies, Sarenet has the widest range of solutions to comprehensively manage all the IT service needs of any organisation.