Spyro Software obtains ISO27001 certification

Gipuzkoa, News

This certification is a recognition of Spyro Software’s commitment to information security and data protection of its customers and reinforces the position of the Guipuzcoa-based company as a leader in reliable and secure ERP solutions.

Spyro Software, a leading company in ERP systems for business process management, has achieved the prestigious ISO 27001 certification. This achievement not only validates Spyro’s commitment to the protection of data and information, but also endorses the maximum guarantee and confidence in all operations carried out to serve its customers.

The ISO 27001 standard

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard for information security management, which sets out requirements and best practices for protecting sensitive data and ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information in an organisation.

Issued by OCA GLOBAL after a thorough audit process, this certification attests to Spyro Software’s rigorous compliance with the highest security standards and its dedication to safeguarding its customers’ information.

Excellence in Information Security

The importance of cyber security in today’s business environment is unquestionable. With the exponential growth of cyber threats, ranging from ransomware attacks to data theft and corporate espionage, businesses face increasing risks to their digital assets and the privacy of their customers. A single security incident can result in significant financial losses, reputational damage and regulatory sanctions.

By achieving ISO 27001 certification, Spyro demonstrates its commitment to protecting the information of its customers and business partners, who can rest assured that their data is being handled securely and responsibly.

According to Julen Gereñu, Head of Systems at Spyro, “with ISO 27001 certification, we can not only affirm that we are correctly addressing cybersecurity processes, but we provide our customers with the peace of mind that their information is rigorously protected in accordance with recognised international standards”.

Furthermore, this certification serves as a competitive differentiator for Spyro in a market where cyber security is an increasingly pressing concern.

However, it is important to note that cyber security is not only the responsibility of individual companies, but also requires the collaboration of the entire business and governmental community. Collaboration in identifying and mitigating cyber threats is essential to maintaining the integrity and stability of the global digital economy.


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