Successful Implementation of AR Racking’s Warehouse System for CCL S.A. in Yumbo


AR Racking and CCL collaborate to design the expansion of the warehouse by 1,600 square metres with double-deep racking that optimises space and capacity

The equipment for the expansion of the warehouse is a flexible and efficient solution

AR Racking, a world leader in industrial storage solutions, has set a milestone by equipping the most recent expansion of the CCL warehouse, a leader in logistics services in Colombia. Strategically located in Yumbo, Colombia, the optimisation of the warehouse area by 1,600 square metres now features a state-of-the-art storage system, provided by AR Racking, which optimises capacity and operational efficiency.

The system installed is a double-depth pallet racking system with 7 levels of beams. This innovative solution allows CCL to store products from three different external customers, each with specific storage requirements, demonstrating the versatility of the system in the face of product diversity.

Collaborative analysis with CCL was instrumental in the design of this bespoke storage solution. AR Racking, in close alignment with the client’s needs, optimised the warehouse space and capacity to maximise logistical efficiency.

The project is distinguished by its special features, including a galvanised steel structure that provides strength and durability, ensuring the integrity of the stored products. In addition, it has a fire protection system that meets international standards, guaranteeing the safety of both the facilities and the stored products. An access control system was also implemented to guarantee security and facilitate the efficient management of stored products.

Edward Suescun, AR Racking’s project manager, expressed his satisfaction: “We are delighted to have worked with CCL on this project. Close collaboration and detailed analysis enabled us to design a bespoke solution that meets CCL’s specific storage needs. This project reflects our continued commitment to excellence and adaptability in industrial storage solutions”.


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