The 3rd World Congress on Quality invites the Basque Government to present its excellent Management Model


Held in Colombia with 29 countries invited, including the Basque representative, Tomás Orbea, Director General of the SPRI Group who will be a guest speaker. The aim of this congress is to contribute to the improvement in the management skills of its participants through the exchange of the experiences of the 29 countries represented. The topics dealt with are competitiveness, good governance, innovation, quality and excellence, environmental management, health, education and entrepreneurship.

Basque Government, 26/06/2012

The quality of the Basque Administration’s management skills, through the SPRI Group, will be shown this week at the 3rd World Congress of “Quality, Excellence, Innovation and Good Governance” held from the 26th – 29th June in Colombia. Tomás Orbea, Director General of the SPRI Group will be representing the Basque Country as a guest speaker at the event. The SPRI Group are the Public Corporation’s main body, part of the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, dedicated to helping Basque businesses.


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