The Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, commitment to sustainability


  • Account with a sustainability strategy under which  have been conducted initiatives in the environmental, energy, transport, construction or quality of life aspects, among others.

The Bizkaia Science and Technology Park has developed the sustainability report that collects all the initiatives that has launched the park for sustainability since its creation.

Sustainability is identified in the “mission” of the PCTBizkaia and defined as one of its “key values”. Thus, the Park has carried out actions not only in the field of the environment, but also in the fields of transportation, energy, construction, marketing, human resources or the quality of life and integration into the community.

Thanks to its policy of sustainability, as well as its development model, the PCTBizkaia is a reference here and in other countries. This is why it has advised numerous institutions in the development processes of various technology parks around the world. In this regard, note that in 2011 the PCTBizkaia was selected to lead and coordinate an ambitious European project, Ecopadev, for the development of tools for measuring sustainability in industrial areas.

In the very conception and development of the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park was used as a basic criterion the minimization of the alteration of the natural areas of the environment: flora, fauna, topography, waters and other dimensions of the land regime. So, from the very beginning has opted for the maintenance and improvement of the natural environment. The management company of the Park has led, encouraged and controlled environment eco-efficient operation; It has achieved a perfect integration in the rural environment and it has protected the environment making plantations that have surpassed the volume of existing vegetation prior to its Constitution – currently there are more than 5,000 trees of 91 different species.


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