The Government’s business mission opens up the Indian market to Basque companies


The Government, 9 clusters, 78 companies and all the other entities involved made a positive assessment of the mission headed by the Basque President Some 200 meetings were held as part of the mission – including three with ministers – a production plant owned by a Basque company was opened and an agreement enabling new business start-ups was signed with the Mondragon Corporation. The Basque Country put across the image of an area with a high production capacity, competitive sectors and a marked industrial character.

Basque Government, 26/03/2012

The Basque Country and India are now much closer than they were a week ago, and the business mission led by the President of the Basque Government, Patxi López, has opened up the Indian market to Basque companies. This was the mission’s main objective and it has been successfully achieved, in addition to promoting the capacities of Basque business and commencing or consolidating business relationships between Basque and Indian firms.

The delegation was made up of the Basque Government, the Álava and Gipuzkoa Chambers of Commerce, 78 companies from different sectors, 9 clusters, Confebask, the Tecnalia Technology Centre, the Bilbao Exhibition Center, the Port of Bilbao and the Basque Institute for Competitiveness (Orkestra). Collaboration between all the actors and between the Chambers of Commerce and business associations has been vital for putting across a powerful image to the Indian institutions.


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