Unda says that the Machine Tool industry will gain competitiveness with the merger of its associations.


The Minister of Industry praises companies during his visit today to the stands of Basque companies at the International Machine Tool Biennial, held at the BEC.

Basque Government, 01/06/2012

The Minister for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, Bernbabé Unda, today at the BEC, reiterated the importance of the Machine Tool industry as well as the Biennial exhibition, which took place this week. He also praised the strength of the sector based on the permanent synergy between their companies, such as has been demonstrated after the merger this last year between the two main representing associations. He added that “it was necessary to gain competitiveness” and as an exporting sector primarily, “it was essential to join forces in the interests of the different manufacturers.

On his visit, the Minister of Industry emphasised the importance of the Machine tool sector as a pillar in the growth of Basque industry and highlighted its capacity for new technologies, its labour absorption of highly qualified professionals and its long standing tradition to join forces within associations and groups.


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