Value proposal

The Parks promotes the generation of value and supports innovation through spaces that are a reference point in sustainability and digitalization. Likewise, it offers differential services for companies and people.


Selection and attraction of companies and innovative agents, and consolidation of a specialized services portfolio, within differential, sustainable and highest-quality spaces.

Premium Spaces

Cutting-edge infrastructures to generate a work environment of the highest quality, with an exemplary behavior on matters of sustainability and with smart systems and means that facilitate the digitalization of its clients.

Specialized Services

Contact and stimulation of collaboration, approach of services of specialized agents, and dissemination of capacities and projects of the companies through on-line and off-line means of communication.

Services of Ecosystem of Life

Services directed towards facilitating the reconciliation, improving health and access to goods and services that will meet the necessities of the new profiles (new generations, new cultures…) of professionals.

Strengthening of RIS3 Sectors

The Parks stimulates the strengthening of the three RIS3 sectors (Personalized health, Cleaner energies and Smart industry), as well as two big fields: Smart Mobility and Healthy Diet.