Women in science and technology – Araba

An ecosystem of transfer, knowledge and talent in strategic sectors for the industry, driven by women


Technical Engineering specialising in Mechanics. Higher Engineering in Industrial Organisation. Postgraduate degree and training in Calculus and Numerical Simulation.

Cristina Prieto


Emma López de Armentia Adan

PhD in Molecular Biology

Eneritz Zubizarreta

Computer engineer

Iciar Monterrubio Santín

Predoctoral researcher of the advanced electrode materials group

Izaskun Arriaga Armentia

Engineer-Masters in Biomedical Engineering

Izaskun Martínez de Santos

Advertising and PR

Juana Valer

Materials Engineering with the Specialty of Mechanics

Maialen Bengoa

Laboratory technician

María Arnaiz González

Postdoctoral Researcher in the Cell Prototyping Group

María González

PhD in Medical Chemistry

Monserrat Casas Cabanas

Scientific Coordinator Electrochemical Storage Area

Nagore Ortiz Vitoriano

Head of air metal battery research line

Nuria Gisbert Trejo

PhD in Business Management, Knowledge and Innovation. Industrial Engineer

Oihane Gartziandia

PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology

Onintze Salazar Pérez

Degree in Physics, specialising in Meteorology. Master in Environmental Engineering and Master in Scientific Culture.

Raquel Ferret

Chemical Engineering

Virginia Sáez

PhD in Polymer Chemistry

Zelai Sáenz de Urturi

Computer Engineering