Since opening its doors in 1985, Bizkaia Science and Technology Park has acted as a reference institution within Euskadi and in Spain as a whole. In addition to its pioneering spirit – it was the first park of its kind to open in Spain – Bizkaia Science and Technology Park is remarkable in its capacity to attract talent. This quality has placed it as one of the most important innovation hubs for relatively emergent industries such as Industry 4.0 which have already become crucial to the development of the economy.

286 companies are based at the Park, last year registering a joint turnover of 3,838 million Euros. The activities of these companies provide employment for 11,610 individuals and constitute 7% of Bizkaia’s GDP in addition to 6.8% of contributions to the Regional Treasury. The companies include leaders in areas considered to be of key strategic importance according to the Basque Government’s 2020 Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation. These areas include the aviation and automobile industries, electronics, energy, the environment, engineering, medicine, biosciences and information technology.


Our members

The ‘Sociedad Parque Tecnológico S.A.’ organisation is a public company which is affiliated with the Basque Government’s Department for Economic Development and Competitiveness. Its members are: the ‘Sociedad para la Transformación Competitiva’ (‘Organisation for Competitive Transformation’ or ‘SPRI’) (67.26%); the ‘Diputación Foral de Bizkaia’ (‘Bizkaia Provincial Council’) (18.02%); ‘Azpiegiturak’ (11.82%); the ‘Universidad del País Vasco’ (‘University of the Basque Country’ or ‘UPV/EHU’) (2.62%); and the ‘Ayuntamiento de Zamudio’ (‘Zamudio City Council’) (0.28%).

Bizkaia Science and Technology Park is part of the ‘Red de Parques Tecnológicos de Euskadi’ (‘Basque Network of Technology Parks’ or ‘RTPE’), an ecosystem for knowledge and talent which acts as a driving force for the positioning of innovation and internationalisation at the centre of Basque industrial policy. The Network has already consolidated its position as an essential agent for the transfer of R+D to the business environment, with a total of 647 companies (0.9% of all companies in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country) distributed across three Parks (Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa). Working alone, the Parks have established themselves as decisive centres for innovation, and when acting as a network they are able to share talent, vision and knowledge in order to generate wealth and boost the quality of life in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. Working alongside the companies are the three Basque universities, the centres for basic and excellence research (Basque Excellence Research Centres), business incubators, technology centres, business clusters and professional associations. As a whole, the network of parks provides entrepreneurial people with a wide range of high added-value services which enable them to accelerate their projects in the most favourable of conditions.