16th International Conference of the CIB W104 Open Building Implementation on “Open and Sustainable Building”, organised jointly with Tecnalia will take place on 17,18,19 May 2010 in Bilbao


This conference is one of a series held around the world in recent years by the CIB W104 Open Building Implementation Commission, focused on developments in the building industry related to two major societal objectives: 1) an adaptable – and thus sustainable – building stock and, 2) a more user-centered process of design and construction.

In regard to these two objectives, it is noteworthy that a process formerly limited to office buildings, shopping centers and a few signature laboratory buildings is now becoming mainstream, with many notable examples found in these building types as well as in housing and health care facilities. That is, a base building is constructed, defining architectural and urban character, major fixed interior public spaces and pedestrian circulation, and primary utility system pathways.

These “open” buildings, designed to accommodate change, are fitted-out initially and over time to meet the changing preferences of inhabitant/users. The utility infrastructure of each unit of occupancy connects to the infrastructure of the base building, which connects in turn to the higher level urban utility infrastructure. Generally, change of the fit-out of these buildings does not disturb the more permanent base building and its utility nfrastructure, but a change of the base building will necessitate alterations on the fit-out level.

Because these changes on the fit-out level happen over a long period of time, we often see different parties designing and constructing the base building and the fit-out. These developments – which are happening internationally – are spawning new kinds of architecture, new businesses, the development of new products and management processes and tools, and the introduction of new regulations and financing methods to match. This conference will examine these processes, products, roles and outcomes, internationally and across many building types.
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