Bizkaia Technology Park is taking part in an European Project on Energy Sustainability


Bizkaia Technology Park is taking part in the European project on energy sustainability, Life+Zero-Hytechpark, coordinated by the Hydrogen Foundation.

The Life+Zero-Hytechpark project is aimed at achieving more sustainable technology parks. It has been given a budget of 1.3 million euros 50% financed by the European Union, and a four-year action plan has been designed for this purpose. As it happens, Life+ is the European Union’s only financial tool exclusively dedicated to the environment and its integration with other policies. The programme aims at starting up measures for making Technology Parks fully sustainable by means of an optimum energy management system using hydrogen and renewable energy technologies based systems.

Together with the Huesca and Andalusia Technology Parks, Bizkaia Technology Park is taking part in this initiative coordinated by the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon. The initiative was presented yesterday by the Minister for Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Aragon, to mark the European Sustainable Energy Week.


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