February 21, 2012

The SPRI Group subsidised 4,300 companies in 2011 with 280 million euros

The group’s funding of the Basque industrial fabric has increased by 53% over the last three years. The SPRI Group manages some 300 million euros a year, which represents 75% of the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism’s total budget. Current expenditure has dropped by 13 million euros and 80% of payments to suppliers...
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The Department of Industry holds a meeting for 60 Basque firms to secure business in the Indian rail sector in the rail sector.

The Indian Government plans to invest millions of euros in the rail sector in 2012-2017. A 9700 million euro investment is envisaged this year alone for new tracks and renewal of existing lines -The aim of the meeting is to facilitate the Basque rail sector supplier companies’ access to the main public enterprises in this...
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